Kunstmatige Intelligentie

In deze cursus worden essentiële vragen rond kunstmatige intelligentie onder de loep genomen. Het gaat om de representatie van kennis in een computersysteem (hoe leg je kennis vast in digitale data?) en machine learning (hoe kan een computer kennis vergaren?).

Een meer gedetailleerde beschrijving in het Engels:


What is artificial intelligence, and why would we need it? What distinguishes artificial intelligence within computer science, and what are intelligent agents?

Problem-solving by searching

One of the most basic way of finding an answer to a problem is by searching. For example, suppose you want to find the shortest route between two cities, to arrange eight queens on a chessboard so that no queen is threatening another, or solve a sliding tile puzzle. In all these cases, the solution can be found by searching. But how can this be done by a computer?

Game playing

Classical search algorithms treat other goal-directed agents as unpredictable elements of the envrionment.However, goal-directed agents can often be predicted.

Constraint Satisfaction Problems

While Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs) can be solved using the classical search algorithms, CSPs show that it can help to plan your search ahead of time.

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